Italian Limes. A publication

A book based on Italian Limes is in the works and will be published in the fall 2018. Taking the Alps as an area of study, the book questions the materiality of political structures in the context of a physical world that is being irreversibly transformed by human-induced global warming.

Recognizing that such issues do not pertain to any single discipline, the book includes contributions from leading academics in several fields. Furthermore, it places the case of the moving border in historical perspective, recounting the history of surveying in the Alps through a wealth of unpublished documents and maps from Italian archives.

Our aim is for the volume not to be simply a documentation of the project, but a reference text for anyone thinking about space, territory and representation.

The Italian Limes book is edited by Studio Folder and Andrea Bagnato. It will be co-published by Columbia Books on Architecture and the City and ZKM—Center for Art and Media.

Over the coming months we will be updating this page with further details. In the meantime, you may sign up to our mailing list and be the first to know when the book will be available.